FES Project Background

Process Change Information for Faculty Effort

Single DOE

The University has made a decision to use a single Distribution of Effort (DOE) form.

  • Faculty members will have the option to report instruction by course number or summarize by course level.
  • Printed DOE forms for versions two and higher will include prior version payroll distribution and effort summary.
  • The user can print a draft of the DOE anytime in the development process of a new DOE on a local printer.
  • The user can reprint a final DOE at anytime on a local printer.

The University also has agreed to a consistent definition of the payment types that make up faculty base pay.

Transition Plan – April-June 2006

The current FES system will continue processing faculty effort between April 1, 2006, when SAP/IRIS HR/Payroll goes live, and July 1, 2006 when the new FES is activated. For this interim period, each full-time faculty member with records in the current FES will be established in SAP/IRIS HR/Payroll so that the base salary is charged to a clearing account. In April, May, and June, a special FES reallocation process will use the current DOE information to create transactions that will charge the correct cost objects in IRIS FI (Financial Accounting). Labor distribution reporting for full-time faculty members will need to be done using HRS. This interim plan requires that full-time faculty assignment changes, additions, and terminations be maintained in HRS.

On July 1, 2006, when the new FES goes live, it will process directly with HR and FI components of IRIS.

DOE Requirement

All full-time faculty members, including those with administrative appointments, must have a DOE on file. Those with administrative appointments or Veterans Administration (VA) 8/8ths appointments will complete the effort portion of the DOE; completion of the payroll distribution block is optional.

New Formula for Monthly Percentages

The new formula that determines monthly percentages from the annual effort percentage will result in less fluctuation. The monthly payroll distribution percentages that FES computes start in the first month of the contract period: July for faculty members with 11- or 12-month appointments; August for those with 9- or 10-month appointments.

Deferred pay calculations for 9- and 10- month faculty appointments will be processed in IRIS HR/Payroll. The new formula that calculates the monthly payroll distribution percentages has been changed so that the “deferred” account is no longer needed. However, there must be at least one active cost object for each month that the DOE is active.

FES Status Codes

New FES status codes will include DOE Entry, Final Print, Submitted to College, Returned from College, Submitted to SPA, Returned from SPA, Activated and Inactivated.

Electronic Processing

Departments will send DOE versions electronically to the colleges for approval. Colleges will send approved DOE versions electronically to the Sponsored Projects Accounting Office for approval after all the appropriate signatures are obtained.

When the Sponsored Projects Accounting Office approves the DOE version, the infotype 0027s (cost assignments similar to HRS screen 36) will be created for all payrolls covered by the track. DOE submissions can be approved until the time that final payroll is run.

Other Changes

Reallocations will not occur as frequently as the current weekly scheduled reallocations.

There will no longer be any automatic track splits. A pre-alert will be issued to inform the departmental user of conditions where a track split may be desirable. If desired, a request to split the track can be sent to the Sponsored Project Accounting Office for approval.

If the FES system determines that a faculty member has terminated or is no longer assigned to a faculty position, a pre-alert will be sent to the Sponsored Project Accounting Office as notification of tracks that can be ended. SPA then will approve the ending of all tracks.

A cost center will be set up for each department to record “four partial” (anticipated) grants. Even though it is a cost center, FES will process it as if it is a sponsored account.

FES will allow the effort and payroll distribution block to be entered in any order. It will note when percentages are not in balance.

SAP/IRIS Solution overview

Updated: 5/7/2012

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