Hardware and Software Tips for Campus Management Users

Requirements for working in myUK portal only

Explanation: The myUK portal includes several convenient front-end features and functions for faculty, staff, and students. These browser-based features on the portal will meet Campus Management needs for many employees. For example, features on the portal enable authorized faculty and staff to:

View real-time class rolls

View advisee lists

Issue electronic course overrides (permissions)

View unofficial transcripts

Complete administrative booking (course registration)

Students use several features on myUK. They book classes, view grades and unofficial transcripts, and update addresses and other information. Too, they can check their accounts and financial aid status.

Hardware note: Users whose tasks can be completed with functions on myUK can use either a Windows or Macintosh platform.

Browser requirement: Internet Explorer 6 or 7 or Firefox 2

Software note: Adobe Acrobat Reader required for viewing unofficial transcripts


Requirements for working in Campus Management (with SAPGUI)

Explanation: Employees who work extensively in Campus Management need the SAPGUI (graphical user interface) installed. They should check with their unit’s technical administrator or support personnel for help.

Hardware note: SAPGUI only runs on the Windows platform. The use of SAPGUI on the Macintosh platform will be considered in the future.

Browser requirement: Internet Explorer 6 or 7 or Firefox 2
Note: Business Warehouse Web Reporting requires Internet Explorer as the browser.

Firefox does work with Campus Management, where users have the ability to enter grades, view class rolls, and access records for advising. For BW Web Reporting purposes, however, users must have Internet Explorer as the browser.

Updated: 5/30/2012

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