Training and Security Questions

How is IRIS training scheduled?

Answer: “Just-In-Time” training begins approximately eight weeks before each Go Live date. The term “Just-in-Time” means training will be provided early enough to give users time to learn the system, yet close enough to the Go Live dates to ensure they will retain what they learn.

IRIS training classes continue to be offered after each Go Live to support new employees. Employees can access the Training Calendar and Training Register for details.

How do new employees arrange for IRIS training and access?

Answer: Supervisors assist new hires with their training plans. The Area Security Officers must approve training plans before they can be recorded by the IRIS Training Team. Employees should review Training and Access Facts for details on this process.

What computer skills do end-users need?

Answer: End-users need basic computer skills. They should be familiar with a keyboard and know how to use a mouse to point, click, and drag. Some users will find that knowledge of Excel is helpful.

Employees can get help with basic computer skills from Human Resources Training and Development.

Is SAP hard for employees to learn?

Answer: The new systems have a different look and feel from those that employees have used for years. Along with getting comfortable with new technology, end-users may be challenged with learning new processes.

Is training mandatory?

Answer: Yes, training and demonstration of competency will be required for production system access.

How is employee competency determined?

Answer: Assessment of knowledge and skills is a built-in component of the training program. Typically, employees complete a set of exercises to show their knowledge and understanding. Any employee who is not successful on the first attempt can review, practice, and retake the assessment. Assistance will be provided to help anyone who has difficulty.

Will employees be able to practice after their training is completed?

Answer: Yes, they can practice and review in the IRIS Training Sandbox.

Is an Active Directory account required for training on the new system?

Answer: Yes, the Active Directory User ID and password are required for registration for classes. For more information, employees can review the IT Customer Service Center’s Active Directory Accounts information.

What should users do when they encounter access or authorization problems?

Answer: They should follow the step-by-step procedure for reporting IRIS authorization problems.

Updated: 5/30/2012

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