Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management provides a central system for storing, organizing, managing, preserving, and delivering documents and other content that relate to organizational processes.

     Key Benefits:
    · Provides a framework for stronger document management
    · Links content with the University's Enterprise Resource Planning system (IRIS)
    · Improves compliance and control
    · Minimizes risk of unauthorized access to documents
    · Improves productivity/process efficiency
    · Reduces search and processing time
    · Protects content from disasters
    · Reduces transport, copy, and print costs
    · Space savings

Relation to UK Strategic Plan 2009 - 2014
Develop the Human and Physical Resources of the University to Achieve the Institution’s Top 20 Goals
Objective: Strengthen the integration and utilization of innovative, cost-effective information technology solutions to enhance all missions of the University.
Strategy: Leverage the University’s Enterprise Resource Planning system (IRIS) to simplify and improve key University business processes and help improve unit productivity and accountability.

Strategic plan linkage from the UK Analytics & Technologies Strategic Plan 2009 - 2014
Digitize content, automate and improve processes:
Implement imaging technology to eliminate paper handling in enrollment, personnel, and other processes; improve business process efficiency through increased use of workflow tools and business process redesign; reduce printing usage and costs
Supporting Tactic: Regular assessments of UK business process portfolio and enterprise software use
Strategic Plan Metrics:
· Generate $2,000,000 in recurring savings through business process improvement and automation through e-procurement, print management, virtualization of computing architectures across the enterprise and Enterprise IT contract optimization
· 100% of systems and features identified implemented by 2014 (web content management, enterprise content management, research repository, course evals, assessment, and program review)

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