Finance (FI)


The Institutional Financial Data Service supports the data and software to meet legally or administratively required financial reporting needs.

Application Software: SAP        Number of Clients: 2172

Ultimate Goal:

Deliver timely and accurate financial data and information to appropriate individuals, performing University administrative functions, with complete data integrity and without ambiguity.

Institutional Financial Data Services:

  • Manages the financial system of record
  • Supports institutional internal and external administrative reporting
  • Includes all University funds and affiliated corporations
  • Provides data used as basis by BW for financial reporting
  • Includes $2.7 B in budget assisting campus to manage expenditure authority
  • Supports post-award financial management of $430 M grants
  • Is accessible by more than 2100 University users

Service Metrics

To ensure proper data quality is properly managed, we will continue analysis of the Goods-Receipt-Invoice-Receipt (GRIR) balances through a review of the outstanding Purchase Orders and Line Items by year. The metric represents the extent to which all involved parties (departments, Accounts Payable, Purchasing) are resolving issues with purchase order receiving, payment, and recording accounting entries. Note: All service metrics are measured on a monthly basis.

Service metrix chart

Fiscal Year Closing
Complete Closing Schedule
Purchasing Cut-off Dates


Page updated: 5/8/2012

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