Document Journal (FMRP_RFFMEP1AX) - Cost Share Accounts

The transaction FMRP_RFFMEP1AX can be used to display cost share account transactions.

To run the report, enter FMRP_RFFMEP1AX in the Command field of the SAP Easy Access screen.

When the Document Journal screen appears, the FM area should default to UK00.

Click the Get Variant variant icon icon (Users should delete the User ID unless they have saved a variant.).

Find variant screen
Execute Execute icon. When the Variant Directory appears, double-click on COST SHARE.

Variant Directory screen

Next enter the appropriate cost share account number in the Fund Center field. Execute .

Fund center field screen

Pre-designed Layout Screens
To access pre-designed layout screens, click on the Layout Layout icon icon.

Pre-designed Layout Screens

Click choose icon to display layouts.

Select from the following:

  • /SPAEXPENSES to display expenses
  • /SPAFUNDING to display funding
  • /SPABALANCE to display the balance

Example of /SPAEXPENSES layout:
Example of /SPAEXPENSES layout

Tips and Reminders

  • Negative balance (credit) means more funds than expenditures; positive balance (debit) means more expenditures than funds.
  • All positive (debit) balances must be funded by year-end.
  • Credit balances are carried forward to the next fiscal year.
  • If the Cost Share Cost Center has been created, but has no transactions, the following message will appear at the bottom of the screen after executing the report. message icon.

Updated: 5/23/2012

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