Procard Editing

PROCARD Web Application - Editing Transactions

The procurement card web application enables authorized card editors to access and edit transactions via themyUK portal.

Users follow these steps to edit transactions:

After signing on to myUK, click on the Enterprise Services tab, Financials, Procurement Card to access the web application.

Users may edit from this screen or opt to open in a new window by clicking on the document page image icon icon.

Search for Transactions

Search Criteria. Users generally search by P-Number for editing purposes. To select a single card, click on the number to highlight it. Click  to move the P-Number to the right side column. To select a range of card numbers, click on the first card number, hold down the Shift key and click on the last card number in the range. Click  to move the P-Numbers to the right side column. To choose multiple card numbers that are not within a range, hold down the Ctrl key and click on each card number. Click arrow icon to move the P-Numbers to the right side column.

Other search criteria are optional and include Fiscal Year, Transaction ID, Document Date, and Parked/Posted Date.

Sort Order. The default sort order is by P-Number. To select a different sort order, click on the item name, and then click  to move it to the right side column. The first selection will be the primary sort order. If more than one criterion is selected, the first selected serves as the primary sort.

Parked status. Choose the Parked status by clicking on the associated box.

Search Result. Click on the  button to create a list of transactions based on the selected search criteria.

When the list appears, select the transaction for editing, clicking in the third column (P-Number). An additional grid with transaction line item detail will appear at the bottom of the screen.


To edit the transaction, enter data on the second row of the transaction line item detail:
GL account to be charged or credited 
D/C indicator (D=debit, C=credit) 
Amount to be charged or credited to the GL 
Assignment (Optional entry, up to 16 characters of free text) 
Cost Object ( Cost Center, Order Number, WBS, Fund) to be charged or credited. Use the Order Numberfield to enter a statistical internal order. 
Earmarked Doc and Item – (Optional)

Additional lines can be added. Key the number of lines to add in the Nbr of Lines box. Click on .

To complete the editclick on  to save the changes.

Messages. All messages related to the edited transaction will appear in the Return Message column. When a transaction passes all validity checks and is saved, the column will show “Document saved as complete”. The transaction also will be checked as Ready for Posting.

Warning and Information messages based on the validity check will also appear in this column. In cases of errors, the return message will indicate the “Document was not saved as complete”. The editor can correct the error and then click accept icon again.

Updated: 5/15/2012

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