Park G/L Account Items (FV50)

Use FV50 to park G/L Account items that are incomplete or park G/L Account items that are complete and ready for the appropriate accounting office to review and post.

Enter FV50 in the Command field of the SAP Easy Access screen.

Note : When this screen is first accessed, a pop-up box will appear. Enter UK00 for the Company Code.

Document date: Enter the date of the document.
Posting date: The date the document updates and is reflected in the financial system. The field defaults to the current day’s date.
Reference: The reference field represents where the document is going to be filed.
Doc. Header Text: Description of the business transaction.
Document Type: Document type defaults to SA, the G/L accounting document type.


Line Item  
G/L acct: Enter the G/L account.
D/C: Enter whether this entry is a Debit or Credit.
Amount in doc curr: Enter the amount.
Assignment No.: Replace current user code (optional).
Text Enter the description of the item (optional).
Cost Center: Enter the cost center.

Press Enter or click the check mark icon.

Review/complete the above fields on the next line if appropriate.

Green checkmarks appear in the Status column for each line item.

Click on the Stimulate button to view the entered values before posting. Click on the Amount column, and then on the Display Sum Display sum icon icon to ensure that the total equals 0.

Click the Print icon icon to print the document.

To park the document as incomplete: From the Menu Bar choose Document -> Park or press F8.
To park the document as complete: Click on Save as Completed icon or Complete icon.

When the document is parked, record the document number and forward the printed document to the appropriate central accounting office (General Accounting, Sponsored Projects Accounting, or Hospital Accounting).

Updated: 5/15/2012

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