Budget Vs. Commit/Actual Journal S_ALN_01000003

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Former Instructions

With transaction S_ALN_01000003, users can create a report to list available balance and drill down on transactions.

Enter S_ALN_01000003 in the Command field of the SAP Easy Access screen.

When the initial screen appears, click on the Get Variant Get variant icon icon. Be sure to blank out any User ID that appears on this screen. Execute Execute icon.

Double-click on the appropriate variant: Direct Exp (excludes F&A) or Exp Only and Execute icon.
Next enter the grant number and execute Execute icon.

Note: The report runs by grant, which displays the report in date format. To display the report by sponsored class, choose the By Grant/Fund/Prog/Class in the Report Extraction section before executing the report.
Report Extraction section screen

Report example:

Report example screen
Click on the RefDocument number to drill down into a document.

Click on the Right arrow icon to expand grant information into sponsored classes.

GM Sponsored classes screen

Tips and Reminders

•  If there is a reference document that has various account numbers, click the WBS element header and click on the Define filter criteria button. Then key in grant account (WBS element) and Enter icon. This action will show the items that were charged to one particular grant account.

•  To export to Excel: On the Menu bar, choose List, Export, Local File.
Choose Spreadsheet as the format for saving and click Enter icon. Choose the desired directory for saving the document and name the file (as an Excel file). Click the Generate button. Go to the directory in which the document was saved and open the document for formatting or sorting.

•  For Multiple Sponsored Program View: If a grant has changed to a different department number, the following steps must be completed to get accurate accounting information:
Enter S_ALN_01000003.
Choose the Report Extraction By Grant or By Grant/Fund/Prog/Class.
Choose Change layout to include Sponsored Program and move to the top of the column on the left-hand side.
Both sponsored program views are displayed.

Updated: 5/22/2012

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