Display Grant Master (GMGRANTD)

Users can view Grant Master data with GMGRANTD.

To see Grant Master Data, enter GMGRANTD in the Command field of the SAP Easy Access screen.

Key the grant number (WBS element) and press Enter or click the enter icon icon.

Grant Master data screen

The General Data tab lists the sponsor, the grant value, and the project period of the grant.
The Address tab contains the address information for the department.
The Responsibilities tab lists all responsible persons and/or positions associated with the administrative, business, or technical aspects of the grant.
The Reference tab contains the external sponsor reference numbers, Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) numbers, letter of credit numbers, and internal reference numbers associated with the grant.

Postings and Dimensions tabs screen
The Posting tab contains posting activity types and allows the user to determine which postings are blocked on the grant.
The Dimensions tab contains both external and internal funds used to record expenses and revenues associated with the grant. The sponsored program and sponsored class sections display information about how the grant will be budgeted. The sponsored class section also details whether the sponsored classes will be relevant for recording facilities and administrative costs associated with the grant.

Overhead coasts tab screen

The Overhead Costs tab contains the rule used to record the Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A costs), as well as the validity dates for each rate.

Remaining tabs screen

The F&A Info tab contains all information relevant for the calculation of the F&A rate. The tab indicates whether or not project is on-campus and if UK is receiving the full overhead amount.
The Payment tab contains the customer information for payment. Users can see if this account is a prime account, and, if so, the number of related scope accounts.
The Reporting tab contains all information required for external and internal reporting. The tab lists the date of the final fiscal report.
The Cost Share Data tab reflects the cost share method, validity dates, associated cost centers, reporting frequency, and reportable information.
The Award Data tab lists all of the years for the award and the award amount for each year.

Updated: 5/21/2012

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