Finance Information (FI) - Support Matrix


  • Answer questions regarding financial accounting entries (first point of contact)
    • Supporting documentation
    • Financial inquiries
    • Payment inquiries



  • Answers questions and make adjustments as required for the following processes:
    • Remuneration statement does not show up after payroll trial run
    • Paycheck Calculations including Retro
    • Payroll Cost Distribution
    • Tax Calculations or Issues
      • W4
      • K4
      • EIC
      • FICA
      • Local Taxes
    • Taxable Benefits
    • Pay Entry
      • Additional Payments
      • Recurring Payments
      • Terminal Leave Payouts
    • Deductions:
      • United Way
      • Bonds
      • Garnishments/Court-ordered deductions
    • Claims
    • Direct Deposit
    • Void/Replacement Pay Checks
      • Employees should first contact their department and the department should contact Payroll.
    • Time Entry
      • CAT2
      • ZCAT6
      • CATS_DA
      • Leave of Absence
      • FML
    • Reports:
      • Wage Type Reporter
      • Remuneration Statement
      • ZCCWBS – Cost Distribution
      • ZCOSOBJ – Employee Cost Distribution Objects
    • Planned Working Time
    • Employee Locked: Payroll Status
    • Non-resident Alien Issues
    • Social Security Issues/More than 1 Person ID

Accounts Payable


  • Answers questions and makes adjustments as required on DAVs
    • DAV payments
  • Answers questions regarding Vendors
    • Vendor payments
    • Credit memos
  • Answers questions regarding tax or miscellaneous payments
    • Payments eligible for tax reporting
    • Payments for Honorarium, Independent Contractor, Consultant, Guest Speaker, etc.
    • 1099-MISC tax information
    • Non-resident Alien payments not in Payroll system
  • Answers questions and makes adjustments as required on travel
    • Allowable travel reimbursements
    • Compiling travel documents
    • Rates for meals in high and low rate areas
    • Mileage reimbursement rates
    • Reimbursement amounts for international per diem rates
  • Answers questions on records retention
    • Records retention and retrieval
    • Transfer of permanent University records to storage facilities
    • Assistance with storage of non-permanent records
    • Destruction of non-permanent records
    • Alterations in records retention and destruction schedule

General Accounting


  • Maintains GL Account master data
  • Maintains cost center master data
  • Answers questions related to checks
    • Contact person
    • Stop payments
    • Voided checks
  • Answers questions and inquiries regarding year-end accruals
  • Answers general inquiries on cost objects
  • Obtains copies of “GA” supporting general ledger documents
    • For Reference type GA

Plant Assets


  • Capitalization Policy
  • Annual inventories required for space, equipment, and vehicles
  • Maintains equipment master data
    • Transfer capital equipment
    • Sale of equipment
    • Trade-in of equipment
    • Record of lost or stolen equipment
    • Record of issue/replacement of eBARS equipment tags
  • Maintains vehicle master data
    • Fleet number
    • Vehicle license
    • Transfer of vehicle
    • Trade-in of vehicle
    • Vehicle auction
  • Maintains facilities master data
    • Record of Issue/replacement of eBARS door tags
    • Room changes
    • Building numbers

Endowment Services


  • Answers questions and makes adjustments as required for the following processes:
    • Master data changes for endowment accounts
    • Monthly charges on ledger sheets
    • Estimate of spendable income for endowment-supported accounts
    • Spending rate or management fee inquiries

Treasury Services


  • Answers questions and makes adjustments as required for the following processes:
    • Cash/check transmittals
    • Wire transfers
    • Credit card transactions
    • Imprest cash accounts
    • Banking supplies
    • Foreign checks

Sponsored Projects Accounting




  • Establishes new WBS elements
    • Maintains the chart of accounts for sponsored projects and student financial aid
    • Processes all budget revisions and attribute changes to WBS Elements
    • Prepares and submits internal and external financial reports
    • Prepares and submits invoices to sponsors
    • Processes sponsor payments
    • Prepares Letter of Credit reimbursement requests
    • Prepares quarterly Letter of Credit reconciliation reports
    • Reviews all departmental cash transmittals depositing funds to WBS Elements
  • Maintains Accounts Receivable
  • Reviews, provides guidance and monitors all cost transfers to and from WBS Elements
  • Prepares the University of Kentucky Facilities and Administrative Proposal
  • Negotiates with the Department of Health and Human Services to establish the Facilities and Administrative Cost Rate
  • Processes DOE forms
  • Answers questions and inquiries related to Faculty Effort System
  • Collects and reports cost share obligations to sponsors as required
  • Answers questions and provides guidance on management of cost share cost center
  • Reviews, monitors and approves Service and Recharge Center rate applications and charges
  • Prepares Annual A-133 Audit of Federal Expenditures
  • Assists with Financial Audits/Reviews from sponsoring agencies or their contractors

SAP/IRIS Project Team

  • Supports all of the above functions
  • Transfers knowledge to the central offices
  • Revises processes, if consistent errors are identified
  • Provides training sessions for users
  • Maintains FI User Manual

Updated: 5/3/2012

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)