Budget Rules Crosswalk Table Instructions

The Budget Rules Crosswalk Table - Excel spreadsheet download shows you how your G/L Accounts roll up to Sponsored Classes, both for charging and budgeting.

To use the Crosswalk:

1. Go to Column G and click on cell containing “Column G” to highlight column.

2. Click CTRL-F to bring up the “Find” dialogue box.

3. Type in the G/L Account you are looking for and hit “Enter”.

4. Your G/L Account should be highlighted.

5. Follow line to the left to see which Sponsored Class it will be charged to (Columns D & E).

6. Look at Column F to see if it is a direct cost.

7. Columns A, B, & C are the Budgeted Sponsored Classes:
a. Column A is for BudRule 4 (ex: Federal & Federal Flowthru);
b. Column B is for BudRule 5 (ex: State & Foundations);
c. Column C is for BudRule 9 (ex: Industry).

8. The Budgeted Sponsored Classes are the categories used to allocate the grant funds. Funds have to be available in the Budget Sponsored Class before expenses can post to the account.

Helpful Reminders:

Depending on the BudRule (4, 5, 9) associated with an account:

  • Budget sponsored classes can contain single or multiple charged sponsored classes;
  • Charged sponsored classes can contain single or multiple G/L Accounts.


Updated: 5/10/2011

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