Excluding PBC from Cost Share Reports

Using the Filter Feature to remove PBC reservations from FMRP_RFFMEP1AX:

If your cost share report from FMRP_RFFMEP1AX is showing Funds Reservations as a result of PBC implementation, please use the following directions to filter the report to exclude the additional entries and retrieve your cost share balance.  Also worth noting, if your BW report does not match your FMRP report, the Funds Reservation entries are probably being included on your FMRP report and they need to be excluded.  Also, any t-code showing expenses that may include a PBC amount should be reviewed to see if the Value Type 81s can be filtered out.

  • Open FMRP_RFFMEP1AX and select the COST SHARE variant.
  • Enter your Funds Center and Execute the report.
  • Once results are displayed, notice if there are entries for Funds Reservation.
  • In order to get your cost share balance, total expenses, or total funding, the Funds Reservation Value Types will need to be removed.  You will need to exclude the Funds Reservations from your FMRP report in order for it to match your BW report results.
  • Click on the Filter button.
  • The following menu will appear:
  • Select “Value Type” from the right menu and move it to the left menu by clicking the left arrow
  • Click the green check mark and the following menu will appear:
  • Click the Yellow arrow
  • The following menu appears:
  • Click on the third tab with a red dot and “Sngl Values” and enter 81:
  • Click the green check
  • The following screen appears:
  • Click the green check to confirm your filter.
  • Your report results are displayed excluding the Funds Reservation, GM Value Type 81 entries.

Updated: 5/10/2012

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