Instructions for Running a Summary Grant Ledger Sheet in BW

Instructions for Running a Summary Grant Ledger Sheet in BW 

Log onto the myUK Portal, using your Active Directory ID and password. If you do not have this information, please contact your college business officer.

Choose the BW Web Reporting Icon:


Choose the End User Composite Role for InfoArea Finance – Ledger Reports

Open the Role BWP-Reports-Ledger


Choose Grants Management

Choose the Grant Ledger

A new window will pop up on the desktop. This is known as the variables screen. The user must enter certain pieces of information on this screen to receive a report. The required fields are:


Fiscal Period/Year – User enters

Company Code – Defaulted

G/L account – Defaulted

Sponsored Class – Defaulted

Funds Center - Defaulted


Enter the Fiscal Period/Year as follows:

Fiscal Year is the four digit year University of Kentucky Fiscal year. For example:

July 1, 2004 – June 30, 2005 = Fiscal Year 2005

July 1, 2005 – June 30, 2006 = Fiscal Year 2006

July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007 = Fiscal Year 2007


Period is a three-digit period relating the month within the fiscal year. For example:

July = 001

August = 002

September = 003

October = 004

November = 005

December = 006

January = 007

February = 008

March = 009

April = 010

May = 011

June = 012


The fiscal period/year value would be entered as 009/2006 for March 2006:



Enter the grant in the Grant field:



Alternatively, enter the Prime grant number, if the grant has multiple scope accounts:


Choose the Check icon to verify the information you entered is found in the Business Warehouse.


Then choose the Execute icon.


This will bring up the detail of the grant transactions for the period entered:


The default shows all detail information. A view has been saved to display the summary if this is what is needed. To display the summary only, select the Open view hyperlink:


The following box is displayed:


Choose the view Grant Summary (SPCLASS) Ledger. It will bring in the following description in the selected object tab: ZJAMILE1_QZGM_C01_5005.

Choose the Transfer icon. When the data returns, use the Variable Screen icon.





When the variable screen reappears, re-enter the grant number:




The following summary is displayed.

Additional grants or periods may be run by using the Variable Screen icon and entering a new grant number and/or fiscal year period.


Multiple grants may be entered by using the Insert Row icon and adding multiple grants. When this feature is used, all grant totals are aggregated on the final result line of the report.


Interpreting the Summary Ledger Sheet

Unreleased budget - Will contain any budget sent from the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration to the Sponsored Projects Accounting Department that has not yet been released.

Released budget – Budget currently available for expensing

Revenue & Expenditure – Expenses incurred in the period selected on the variables screen

Cumulative Revenue & Expenditure – Expenses incurred since the beginning of the current budget period of the grant

Encumbrances from GM & Requisitions – Encumbrances that are posted to the grant and reserved for requisitions

Encumbrances for PO – Encumbrances that are posted to the grant for purchase orders

FI Parked Documents – Documents that have consumed budget on the grant, but have not been fully authorized by the responsible university official

Available Released Budget – The remaining available budget amount

% Available Released Budget – The remaining percentage of the budget available on the associated line

Interpreting the Detail Ledger Sheet

G/L Account – The general ledger account that gives detail accounting expense information. This detail is needed for institutional financial reporting and for verifying that the expenses posted to the grant match paperwork submitted for processing.

Updated: 5/10/2012

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