Sponsored Classes List

Sponsored Class Sponsored Class Description Category
E500000 Direct Expenses Expense
E510000 All Salary & Benefits Expense
E511000 Direct Salary & Benefits Expense
E511010 Faculty Salary & Benefits Expense
E511011 Faculty Salary Expense
E511099 Faculty CAS Salary Expense
E512000 Staff Salary-Temp/Part-time Expense
E512010 Exec/Mgrl/Admin Sal & Benefits Expense
E512011 Exec/Mgrl/Admin Salary Expense
E512019 Exec/Mgrl/Admin CAS Salary Expense
E512030 Secret/Clerical Sal & Benefits Expense
E512031 Secret/Clerical Salary Expense
E512039 Secret/Clerical CAS Salary Expense
E512040 Technical/Paraprof Sal & Benef Expense
E512041 Technical/Paraprof Salary Expense
E512049 Technical/Paraprof CAS Salary Expense
E512070 Nonadmin/RN Sal & Benefits Expense
E512071 Nonadmin/RN Staff Salary Expense
E512079 Nonadmin/RN CAS Staff Salary Expense
E512099 Staff CAS Salary Expense
E513000 Student Salary & Benefits Expense
E513100 Student Salary Expense
E513199 Student CAS Sal & Benefits Expense
E522000 Staff Benefits Expense
E522010 Faculty Benefits Expense
E522011 Exec/Mgrl/Admin Benefits Expense
E522031 Secret/Clerical Benefits Expense
E522041 Technical/Paraprof Benefits Expense
E522071 Nonadmin/RN Staff Benefits Expense
E522099 Staff CAS Benefits Expense
E523000 Student Benefits Expense
E523199 Grad Student Health Expense
E530010 Travel-All Expense
E530011 Travel-Domestic Expense
E530033 Travel-Foreign Expense
E530040 Travel-Student Expense
E530130 Consultants Expense
E530170 Train Participants Expense
E530200 Sub-contract < $25K Expense
E530201 Sub-contract > $25K Expense
E530300 Direct Current Expenses Expense
E530400 Materials & Supplies Expense
E530402 Postage Expense
E530503 Registration Fees Expense
E530999 CAS Materials & Supplies Expense
E531000 Communications Expense
E531199 CAS Communications Expense
E531200 Printing Expense
E531300 Utilities Expense
E532000 Services Expense
E532999 CAS Services Expense
E534040 Rent Expense
E534041 Rent&Lease-Building Expense
E535011 Dues and Membership Expense
E535022 Research Subject Payment Expense
E535024 Special Activities Expense
E535025 Subscriptions Expense
E535030 Parking Expense
E535035 H1 Visa Expenses Expense
E535201 Compu-License Fee-SW Expense
E536120 Patient Care and Support Expense
E537010 Fellowship/Trainee Stipend Expense
E537030 Trainee Tuition & Fees Expense
E537110 Graduate RA tuition Expense
E537999 CAS Scholarship Expenses Expense
E540212 Minor Equipment < 500 Expense
E540213 Minor Equipment > 501&<2K Expense
E540300 Furniture <$2000, Computer <$1 Expense
E540334 Office Supplies Expense
E540347 Meals and Refreshments Expense
E540348 Procard purchases undistribute Expense
E545000 Other Current Expenses Expense
E545999 CAS Current Expenses Expense
E550000 Equipment Expense
E550010 Computing Hardware Expense
E550999 CAS Equipment Expense
E560000 Architecture, Planning & Admin Expense
E581999 CAS Capital Expenses Expense
E590010 F&A Costs Expense
E590020 F&A Costs Expense
E590040 F&A under-recovery-Direct Expense
E590049 F&A under-recovery-Direct Expense
E590050 F&A under-recovery-CS Expense
E590059 F&A under-recovery-CS Expense
E750120 TRANSFERS FROM G & C Expense
E750140 Transfers to unrestricted Expense
E750160 Administrative Costs Expense
E750310 Transfer Residual from grant Expense
E755030 Transfers to Plant funds Expense
E759999 Other transfers from G&C Expense
R245002 Deferred Revenue Revenue
R412000 Approp-Fed-Farm Safety Revenue
R412001 Approp-Fed-Hatch Amended Revenue
R412002 Approp-Fed-McIntire-Stennis Revenue
R412003 Approp-Fed-Foods and Nutrition Revenue
R412004 Approp-Fed-E P A Revenue
R412005 Approp-Fed-Multi State Revenue
R412006 Approp-Fed-Smith-Lever Revenue
R412007 Approp-Fed-4-H Programs Revenue
R412008 Approp-Fed-Animal Health Revenue
R412009 Approp-Fed-Title V Revenue
R412010 Approp-Special Grants Revenue
R413000 Approp-County Revenue
R415000 Direct Sponsor Revenue Revenue
R415999 Returned to Sponsor Revenue
R426011 Third Party Revenue Revenue
R426030 Billed Revenue Revenue
R430060 Investment Income Revenue
R440118 Program Inc Rev Add Revenue
R440119 Program Inc Rev Deduct Revenue
R475000 F&A Cost Recovery Revenue
R475002 F&A Cost Recovery- Revenue
R499999 Other Revenues Revenue
R619999 Mand CS - Personnel Revenue
R639999 Mand CS Recharge Revenue
R740170 Transfers from UKRF G&C Revenue
R750170 Trans To UKRF G&C Revenue
R759999 Other transfers to G&C Revenue
R799999 Conversions Revenue

Updated: 5/10/2012

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