HR Reports

  Transaction Code

Report Name



Display Working Times

Display working times for a single employee or a group of employees


Organization and Staffing Display

Display an object in the organizational structure and its lesser related objects. Display the master data records of any of these objects.


Position Vacancy Report

Display current vacant positions by name and vacancy dates for specific organizational units


History of Vacancies

Display the history of vacancies (names and dates) and names of current position holders for every organizational unit.


Job Index

Display the names, object codes, position, holder and staffing percentage of all active jobs.


Existing Jobs

Display the names, codes, and start/end for any active jobs


Flexible Employee Data

Report on employees selected by a wide range of criteria and with a range of layouts.

ZHR_ADDRESSES Address Query Used to create a home address list for employees within an organizational unit.
ZHR_FTE FTE Report Report on FTE and headcount.
ZHR_HIREREPORT Hire Action Report Report of new hires, rehires, and reinstates in org unit for a specified time period.  Report also indicates if a new employee’s payroll record is locked.
ZHR_POSATTR Position Attribute Report Report on the positions in an area, including the Enterprise Structure, Grade level, EEO information, cost distribution, and the Funding Category Code.  
ZHR_POSCHANGE Position Change Action Report Report lists employees who have changed positions in an area during a specified period of time. The report gives information on employee’s new assignment, including new pay rate.
ZHR_SEPARATE Separation Report Report provides listing of employees who have been separated from an org unit during a specified period of time.
ZHR_VACREP Position Vacancy Report Report provides a wide variety of information on a position, including the enterprise structure, funding, funding category code, EEO category and subcategory, grade level, current holder, and FTE information of that holder. If the position is vacant, that is shown as well.
ZHR_VAC_ACCR Vacation Accrual Liability Report may be used by Business Officers to see the financial liability for vacation hours that are available to employees in their departments.

Payroll Information

Transaction Code

Report Name

When to run



Remuneration Statements

Run after preliminary payroll run up to final payroll for that period

Simulates paycheck for pay-period.


Wage Type Reporter

Run after the preliminary payroll run up to final payroll for that period

EE salary and ER benefits.


Cost Center Report

Run after payroll posting to accounting

EE salary and ER benefits with cost allocation.


Employee Cost Distribution Objects

Run any time

Shows cost allocation (IT 0027 or IT 1018) for employee.

ZHR_1018 Position Cost Center Distribution Run any time Shows cost distribution set-up on positions.
ZHR_CHECKPAY Check Pay Report Run after preliminary run and thereafter for specific payroll period and single payroll area Quick reference to identify employees who have no pay amount for a specific payroll period.
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Payroll Results by
Org Unit

Run after the preliminary payroll run up to final payroll for that period

Shows payments of unit's employees and costs associated with each employee per payroll.
ZHR_TIMEFEEDRPT Time Feed Audit Report Run for a specific payroll period Report for areas with time feed systems. Provides a listing of attendance and absence codes for specified time period. Areas that use CATS_DA will not use this report.
ZVERXFER Verify Transfer of Time Run after transfer Used to verify hours that have transferred successfully to HR for payment. May also be used to find hours that were unsuccessful during the transfer process.


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