Materials Management Questions

How do users handle contract orders when vendors will not take the procurement card?

Answer: There are no contract orders in IRIS-Materials Management.  Instead, there are two ways to buy goods: prourement card and purchase order.  If a department needs to order something on contract, the department creates an online requisition and gets it approved. Purchasing will create a purchase order and send to the vendor.  

How do departments get new vendors created in the Vendor Master?

Answer: Departments will continue to have vendors fill out a Vendor Application form and send it to Purchasing via mail, fax, or e-mail.

After doing a goods receipt on an incoming invoice, does the department hold the invoice, or forward on to Accounts Payable?

Answer: Vendors will send invoices on purchase orders to Accounts Payable.  Departments in most cases will not receive invoices on purchase orders. Any invoices received at the departmental level should be forwarded to Accounts Payable. The goods receipt will need to be done from the packing slip in the shipment. 

How will users know which method of payment (DAV, requisition, procurement card) to use in IRIS?

Answer: Purchasing and Accounts Payable have created a Purchasing/AP Quick Reference Guide  to help departments with procurement.

Will KMSF use the new Purchasing functionality?

Answer: KMSF will continue with its present system for procurement.

When an end-user selects the account number, will a separate window appear to indicate the owner of the account (department name)?

Answer: In the search criteria the end-user will see the department with which the cost object is associated. When the number is brought in to the requisition, however, the associated text will not come forward.

What T Code should be used to find and view vendor information?

Answer: Use XK03 to view vendor information.

What report options are available to users who need Financials and Purchasing data?

Answer: There are several R/3 reports available (see MM T Codes page).  Role-based reports also are available in the Business Warehouse. 

What should users do when they experience access problems?

Answer: Employees should first work with the immediate supervisor if they encounter access problems or need changes in their roles. Supervisors in turn will inform the appropriate business officer of needed changes or corrections. Employees can refer to IRIS Access and Training Facts for further information.

What is “workflow” in Materials Management?

Answer: In Materials Management, workflow refers to automated messages that prompt employees to take appropriate action with regard to a particular purchasing document. Workflow contributes to the overall efficiency of the procurement process.

Updated: 5/9/2012

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