HR and Payroll Questions

Will an employee’s ID number always remain the same? Will the number change if an employee leaves the University and then is rehired? Will it change if the employee transfers to another department?

Answer: An employee will have the same Person ID number for the duration of employment at UK.  Numbers will not be changed in instances of rehire or transfer within the institution.

When an individual is both an employee and a student, is the individual identified by one system-generated ID, or two IDs?

Answer: The individual has only one ID in IRIS. A special process is in place to ensure that there is one number only for someone who both employee and student. The number will be the same in HR/Payroll and Campus Management.

In addition to the basic information stored for each employee, what other kinds of data can be housed in IRIS to avoid shadow systems? In particular, can items such as training records, license numbers, and badge/key status be recorded in the system?

Answer: This information can be captured in IRIS. Such expansion of recordkeeping in the system is part of Phase Two efforts for HR/Payroll.

What is included in Employee Self-Service?

Answer: Development and roll-out of several Employee Self-Service features is a major Phase Two goal. First will come online pay statements, which employees will see in early 2007. Other developments include address updates, bank details, and tax withholding information maintenance. ESS for Open Enrollment will be available in 2008.

Updated: 5/30/2012

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