SAP/IRIS Access and Training Facts

  • SAP/IRIS access is role-based, that is, tied to the particular work an employee does at the University. As an example, an account clerk’s work responsibilities are quite different from those of a student affairs officer, and thus the two employees would be granted different roles for access.

  • In general, no SAP/IRIS access is granted prior to successful completion of training. An exception is made for faculty members who will use the myUK portal for grading, class rolls, advisor holds, and overrides.

  • Each employee must have an SAP/IRIS training plan established. The plan includes all courses the employee needs to carry out job responsibilities. A Training Plan Request Form  is located here.

  • SAP/IRIS training includes overview courses and role-based courses. Trainees must demonstrate competency through assessment at the conclusion of each role-based course.

  • Training plans for employees with all roles except SLCM are established by unit business officers and given final approval by the area security officers. Following their review and approval, the area security officers forward plans to the SAP/IRIS Training Team for input into Training Register.

  • Training plans for employees with SLCM roles are administered by designated contacts in the colleges and academic/student support units who work with the SLCM Team. Plans are not required for faculty members who need only the myUK portal access.

  • In addition to successfully completing all required training, each employee must sign the electronic Statement of Responsibility. The agreement needs to be completed only once.

  • Along with development and delivery of instruction, the SAP/IRIS Training Team maintains all training records that form the basis for access to the production system. After training records are updated, security roles are assigned and employees gain access to the production client.

  • New hires should direct questions and concerns about access and training to their supervisors.

  • Employees who need additional training, due to position change or new responsibilities, should work with their supervisors to get training plan modifications processed.

  • Business officers should notify the appropriate area security officer when employees change positions or leave the University, so that SAP/IRIS access can be modified or removed.

Updated: 5/31/2012

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