Questions on Holds

Is there a way to look at changes made PRIOR TO the last change to a Hold, i.e., is there a longer audit trail that the end-user can view?

Answer: This information is recorded in the system, but is not readily available for an end-user. For now, a SLCM Team member could identify those changes.

Do any IRIS actions create a Hold automatically, or do Holds always have to be created manually?

Answer: Some holds in IRIS are created automatically, such as advisor holds and financial holds (when the student has not paid tuition/fees).

If a Hold has been inactivated and the same kind of Hold needs to be activated, is it better to create a new Hold or activate the old one?

Answer: It is better to create a new hold. This will allow for a true history of all hold placements.

In the Maintain Holds box, can the list of Hold Types be set to default to alphabetical order by Hold type?

Answer: Defaults cannot be changed, but users can easily sort items by clicking on the column (Hold Type, in this case) they wish to sort y and then clicking on either the Ascending or Descending Sort icon. Another way to sort would be to click on the Status column and then click on either Ascending or Descending; this will sort results in all active holds displayed together and all inactive holds likewise displayed. End-users also can use the Search icon (binoculars) to quickly find an item in the list.

Are old Holds being converted to the new system? If so, is there a cut-off date regarding how far back they go?

Answer: All active holds from SIS will be converted.

Is the student notified when a Hold is placed?

Answer: Currently, a student is not notified. Students may view their holds at any time through the myUK portal.

Could an e-mail be sent automatically to notify a student when a Hold is placed? If not, can users be instructed to click on the "send email to student" icon on the Holds tab?

Answer: For Phase One, e-mail notification will not be an automatic part of the hold placement process. It may be considered as an option for Phase Two.

Will students see Holds in the portal? If so, can they see the Notes?

Answer: Students can see the holds, but cannot see any associated notes.

Can advisor changes be made to GROUPS of students? Or do changes have to be done one at a time?

Answer: Through the portal, each advisor will see a list of all advisees (the individual must be listed as an academic advisor for each student in Student Master Data). Advisors can lift one student hold at a time, or select multiple holds (from a list) and lift them at once.

When selecting a Hold Type, will users see all of the hold types or only the hold types they will be using?

Answer: Users will see ALL hold types.

Updated: 5/3/2012

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