Student Names & Addresses

How should international names with multiple first names (and/or multiple last names) be handled? Do they require hyphens or any special treatment?

Answer: There is no definitive answer about how international names should be entered, since these are separate fields in SLCM. The SLCM Team's recommendation is to enter one first name, one last name (or as much as is truly considered part of each of those names) and then the remainder could go in the middle name field.

In SIS, suffixes are located in the Last Name field. How will this be handled in IRIS? If different, how will this data be converted?

Answer: Suffixes in IRIS will be handled the same way they are in SIS. There should be no problem converting this data.

Will students in Dentistry and Medicine be able to change their addresses in the portal?

Answer: Yes.

HR has a suffix field in the Personal Data Infotype, but SLCM is using the last name field for suffixes. Why?

Answer: HR is a more mature module in SAP and the suffix field through HR works correctly. In contrast, it does not always work as designed throughout SLCM and does not always appear as it should in reports, hence the decision to keep the suffix as part of the last name for now.

There appears to be no student Billing address in IRIS. Which address should be used?

Answer: The Permanent address has been used for billing since the Student Accounting Go Live in October 2005.

On the Standard Address tab, is the State and/or ZIP code field required in the Production system?

Answer: The ZIP code field is required in the Production system.

When changing an International or Permanent address, is it best to delete the old address and then create a new one?

Answer: Address changes for students will be permitted through the myUK portal for authorized users, and the SLCM Team recommends that users change addresses there. The old address information will be stored in IRIS and the new address will be created. Users will have to click on the Edit button beneath the address they wish to change to open up the fields for editing.

Is the official UK e-mail address automatically generated for students? If so, when does this happen?

Yes, the process of the UK e-mail address creation is automatic upon acceptance to the University.

Are we to use the official UK e-mail address for all e-mail correspondence? If so, will this be easy to find in the portal?

Answer: Yes, the official UK e-mail address should be used for all electronic correspondence. It is located on the Address tab in the Student Master Data section.

Will the students be able to change their e-mail address? Will the UK address be the ONLY e-mail address used for communication to students?

Answer: The official UK e-mail address will be the only address used. Students may choose to forward their e-mail to a personal account.

How many characters can the address fields hold in Student Master Data? (Some Canadian addresses are very long.)

Answer: There is ample space for addresses (with the capability of additional lines), so entering a Canadian address should not be a problem. This is one of the areas where we benefit from SAP being an international company!

Updated: 5/7/2012

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