Student Numbers

When in the process should a student be created and the IRIS number assigned? Can you create students if they have not applied for admission, for example, if they are being recruited?

Answer: Yes. All prospective students will be created in IRIS and each will have a Student ID number.

Who will be creating students? Will the system tell you if a student is already in IRIS, or should you do a search before you create a student?

Answer: The same areas that create students today will do so in the new system.

When an end-user enters information to create a student in IRIS and attributes such as name, date of birth, etc., match another student already in the system, the end-user is prompted to review and select from a list of possible matches. If there is no true match, the user continues with the creation process.

Are students ever created automatically?

Answer: Yes, students are created automatically by processes such a applying for admission via the web or test score submission.

When and how will students be informed of their IRIS student numbers?

Answer: Currently enrolled students have already been receiving correspondence with their new student number included since October 2005, when Student Accounting went live. This number appears on the student account statement (bill).

Signing on to the portal will not require a student ID number, as students will use the Active Directory ID and password.

Are student numbers simply assigned in sequence as students are created, or do the numbers reflect whether the student is undergraduate or graduate? Can you tell a student’s status by the student number?

Answer: Numbers are assigned in sequence and no intelligence is built into the number.

Will former students' social security numbers be kept in sync with the new system? What if there is no SSN for a former student? Will former students be assigned an IRIS student number?

Answer: Information will be converted to IRIS for any student who had an SSN in SIS. UK-created 880 numbers (for students without SSNs) also will be converted into IRIS and can be found in Student Master Data on the Student Category tab.

Updated: 5/7/2012

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