SAP/IRIS Overview Courses

UK_100 IRIS Awareness & Navigation

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The course is intended to give the participant an introductory, high-level overview of the Integrated Resource Information System (SAP/IRIS), which is used to manage the University's administrative business needs with the following key system modules: Financials (FI), Grants Management (GM), Procurement/Materials Management (MM), Human Resources/Payroll (HR), Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM), and Plant Maintenance (PM).

This Level 100 course will cover SAP/IRIS access and security issues, the training process, basic navigational functions, system-wide concepts, and where to acquire help during and after training.

UK_100 serves as a prerequisite course for all other module overview (Level 200) and role-based (Level 300) training courses.

SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

This course provides a general overview of Student Lifecycle Management processes and functionality in IRIS. All employees who will be using the SLCM module are required to attend this course. Course content includes:

  • Student File
  • Student Master Data
  • Student File
  • Stops/Holds
  • Program of Study
  • Class Schedule
  • CM Terminology
  • Program Catalog
  • Module Catalog

Note: UK_100 is a prerequisite for SLCM_200.

SLCM_WP_230 SLCM Faculty Overview

This course is intended for faculty members who have the need to access more than the grading functionality. The course covers basic navigation and includes a high-level overview of SLCM, training on grading (same content as SLCM_WP_210), and lifting of advisor holds.

Note: If grading is the only functionality desired, this course is not mandatory. However, it is a prerequisite for all other campus management courses.

FI_200 Finance Overview

This course is intended to give the General User an overview of the four financial modules within SAP/IRIS. The following topics will be covered through demonstrations and hands-on practice:

  • UK account structures
  • Financial account management
    • General ledger accounts
    • Displaying cost objects (accounts)
    • Typical general ledger transactions
  • Funds management
    • Displaying funds and fund centers
  • Grants management
    • Displaying grants
  • Controlling management
    • Displaying controlling master data
    • Executing the UK Available Budget report

Note: FI 200 is a prerequisite for all 300 level financial courses.

Note: UK_100 is a prerequisite for FI_200.

FI_GM_200 PI Grant Budgeting Overview

This course is designed to help participants gain an understanding of the tools available for analyzing Grants Management (GM) data and become familiar with related terms and concepts. This course will include demonstrations of the required activities in the following:

  • Budgets for Grants
  • Reports

Note: UK_100 is a prerequisite for FI_GM_200.

HR_200 Human Resources Overview

This course is intended to give the participants an overview of the Human Resources processes and the functionality of the HR module in IRIS. All employees who will be using the HR modules in IRIS are required to attend this class first. Objectives are:

  • Overview of the various components in Human Resources management
  • Organizational Elements & Structures
  • Personnel Administration
  • Benefits
  • Time Management
  • UK Payroll Process
  • Reporting

Note: UK_100 is a prerequisite for HR_200.

Note: HR_200 is a prerequisite for all 300 level human resource courses.

MM_HI_200 MM Navigation and Display

This course is designed to assist end-users with general IRIS navigation and display of information relevant to Hospital Inventory. Employees will learn how to log on to myUK portal, use the SAP Easy Access menu, and display MM data such as material master, storage location, hospital requisitions, hospital purchase orders, search for requisitions and purchase orders by material, vendor, or cost object, and vendor master data.

Updated: 5/2/2012

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