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I want to book a course, but none are scheduled for the next 90 days. What can I do?

You can prebook the course by clicking on the Prebook link. Next, select the time period in which you would like to take the class and click on Prebook.

I have prebooked a course. Will I receive an email message prompting me when training dates become available for the course, or will I just be slotted in the first available class?

You will not receive an email. However, when you go to your Training Home page, there will be a message in the Messages and Notes section on the New Course Dates tab listing the scheduled classes for the period you chose during prebooking. You will be able to register for the class you want to attend.

How do I cancel a course?

To cancel a course, click on the name of the course in the My Current Training Activities section of your Training home. Use the scroll bar to scroll down the page. When you see the Cancel section, click on Cancel booking for this course.
Screen Shot: Cancel link

Click OK when the system message displays.
Screen Shot: System message

You will receive confirmation from the system that you have cancelled your booking.
Screen Shot: Confirmation

What are mandatory courses and how do I get them?

A mandatory course is one that is a requirement for your responsibilites or position. A course is made mandatory based on a request by your supervisor, business officer, College Contact, and/or Area Security Officer (ASO).

NOTE: Mandatory IRIS courses have been assigned based on an approved IRIS Training Plan.

What is a Statement of Responsibility (SOR)?

The Statement of Responsibility is a document that outlines the employee's duties and responsibilities with regard to appropriate treatment of information in EAG/IRIS, as well as proper use of the employee's User ID and password information.

Why do I need to sign it?

Employees must read and agree to the statement as a condition for access to the IRIS/BW system. The SOR only needs to be signed once.

Why do I need to Confirm Participation after I take the SOR online test?

It is important to Confirm Participation after taking the SOR online test so that the IRIS system records your electronic signature under your AD/MC User ID. See the QRC How to sign your Statement of Responsibility for more details.

I signed a SOR in the past using the old method. Do I need to do it again?

No, you do not. All signed SOR records were transferred to IRIS system as a qualification on your employee record.

Where can I find my transcript?

Click on Training Activities in the myTraining navigation bar. Scroll down until you see the Completed Courses section. Your completed will be listed, along with the scores for any graded course.

Training Activity

I took a WBT that did not have a test. When I look at my completed courses, it says I did not pass the course. Do I have to retake the course to pass it?

No, you do not have to retake the course. WBTs without final tests display a "No" in the Pass column when they are listed in the Completed section of your Training Activities. You receive credit for the course. However, since there is no final test, no grade is recorded.

I just took a WBT test and passed it. After I clicked on End Test and then Close, I got a message that said I had finished the course, but I had not passed the test. Why did I get this message?

When you click to take your test, you open a second window. After you finish your test, get your score, and click Close, you are closing the test window, revealing the course window. Just click on Log off. After you confirm your participation, you will be able to see your score for the course on your Training Activities.

Updated: 5/2/2012

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