Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications (EA) supports the key administrative computing systems for the University. Our primary focus is the integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software from SAP. We are responsible for enhancing, maintaining, and supporting the functional operations of the ERP system to accomplish and further the goals and objectives of the various operational units across campus. Because the EA is grounded in developing and supporting the ERP, in addition to ITS staff, other members of EA are assigned from the major business units of the University.

Product Development & Integration Services

Re-imagine |> Research |> Re-shape |> Release. We are passionate about building research-driven software solutions that aim to remove administrative and process hassles to allow our users to focus on things they care about most when working with our core enterprise systems. On the front-end, we build mobile and web applications for students, faculty, and staff of the University of Kentucky. Behind the scenes, we weave together disparate systems for efficient transfer and integration of ERP data to keep critical systems operational. We lead the day-to-day operations of our Service Management platform for ITS and other partner units. Our team is fun and fast-paced, shipping releases frequently via a lightweight agile process. We are software engineers and designers who believe in collaborative decisions and delivering the best experience to our customers. Have an idea or suggestion for us? Contact us.

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Core Applications

Core Applications supports key administrative computing for the University.  Our primary focus is to operationally maintain and enhance the integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software - SAP. In addition, we are responsible for working with various operational units across the University to accomplish and further their goals and objectives. Because the core applications unit is grounded in developing and supporting the ERP, in addition to ITS staff, other members of are assigned from the major business units of the University.  Key functional areas of the core applications team include: student lifecycle management; financial services; human resources, payroll and training; facilities services; enterprise content management; workflow services; budget services; procurement services; and graduate school services. 

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The implementation manager within the Division of Enterprise Applications collaborates with ITS’ Office of Strategic Project Management to ensure coordination of project implementation timing, communication & coordination between teams, their endeavors and deliverables. This is done by examining and modifying the teams’ practices, policies, & procedures to improve overall implementation effectiveness. This individual also works with customers to ensure expectations are clearly understood and met.

Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement supports the development of strategies and application-level recommendations for improving processes, efficiency, and practices of University systems.  This is done by collaborating with functional and technical teams to understand organizational processes, analyzing operations, and identifying opportunities to optimize functions.