Enterprise Systems

The Enterprise Systems team supports the large-scale application software packages for the University, including information flows, reporting, and data analytics.

Cloud Operations

The Cloud Operations team at the University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (ITS) is dedicated to providing support for faculty, students, and staff at the University as the shift to the cloud becomes a reality. This program includes a dedicated group, who are responsible for the development and maintenance of UK's new cloud-based computing environments, as well as additional services which support broader University needs.

System Operations

Systems Operations take care of the servers from the back of the machine up through the hyper-visor stopping at the OS layer, database layer, or webserver layer depending on the customer facing service it represents. This private cloud encompasses compute, storage, data protection and recovery, as well as availability services on premise. We provide similar services based out of public clouds and are have more on the roadmap.

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Data Center

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the facility housing the University's core computing systems. We provide monitoring and support services for these systems and the data center infrastructure that support them. In addition, staff duties include grading Scantron forms for student tests and research data collection as well as processing print requests for other campus departments.

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Directories, Messaging & Collaboration

Directories, Messaging & Collaboration is the provider of essential services that all other UK computing services rely on for authentication, authorization, and directory services. Providing a suite of rich collaboration tools including email, instant messaging, file and desktop sharing, and online meetings. These tools allow faculty, staff, and students the power to collaborate on campus and around the world to advance their research, service, and university outreach.

ERP Security & Support

The ERP Security & Support team provide platform and application administration for the myUK system and ancillary servers and software. These systems support the core business functions of the University of Kentucky including student management, human resources, financials, materials management, and analytics.