Facilities Information Services

The Facilities Information Services (FIS) team is a technology based group that is focused on serving the needs of the University community.  FIS team members support a variety of departments, systems, and operations all with assistance from other ITS teams.  This support is centered around facilities related services including but not limited to enterprise Geospatial Technologies: university maps, utility and wayfinding networks, floor plans, facility information, facility library, deeds and records; information technology field services: building automation and controls support, energy and utility systems, business system implementation, management and technical support, server and application support; automation and programming services: creating, purchasing, managing and implementing a variety of applications using web, mobile, database, and cloud technologies.  

Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services (TSS) provides lifecycle (deploy, manage, support, retire) support to end user university authorized computing devices. Common examples of support provided by TSS include creation of end user system quotes, computer imaging, antivirus management/reporting, software installation, configuration, updates, troubleshooting and remote control assistance. Remote control assistance allows a TSS agent to remotely connect to end user authorized computing systems. Should remote control assistance fail to meet customer needs TSS can offer onsite support.