Gartner is an industry-leading consulting firm providing independent research and analysis to professionals making decisions in information technology (IT). Gartner communicates with more than 10,000 clients and the experts who advise them. Gartner provides insight and practical advice from around the world. 


How it works

UK has contracted with Gartner to provide independent research and analysis to UK's faculty, staff and students with top-tier training, marketing research and advisory services. To use the Gartner site resource, click on the UK-Gartner Portal link. While getting started using the site, be sure to locate the Research you are looking for using the Search and Browse tools that are located at the top of every page. If you want more information about using the website, you can get a short overview with their Quick Start Guide. Gartner also provides a free Alerts service which can advise you of the latest Gartner Research on topics of your choice. Another helpful resource is Gartner's extensive IT Glossary of words, phrases and acronyms. You can download the entire Glossary in PDF format. 


Use your linkblue account

The online research is web-based and accessible at no cost to UK staff, faculty and students. The UK-Gartner portal requires your UK-established linkblue user id and password. If you do not have a UK linkblue account, please visit Tech Help @ The Hub located in W.T. Young library for walk-in assistance. You can also reach Customer Services by calling 859-218-HELP (4357). More at their website: