Employee Google Apps Account Setup Guide

Please note: Due to HIPAA and FERPA regulations, employees should not use Google Apps for Education to store or send secured data. For these purposes, please use Employee Email and/or a university hosted collaboration solution such as Sharepoint

These instructions are written for employees who wish to activate their Google Apps for Education accounts.

If you are a student, please see our new student or current student setup guides instead.


Please review the UK Google Apps Usage Notes before activating your account.

Start by visiting the UK Account Manager at http://ukam.uky.edu.

Log in with your link blue userID and password.

If you are a student, please see our new student or current student instructions instead.


Once successfully logged into the UK Account Manager, you will see your current account Profile Settings.

In the Email section, locate the UK Google Apps Education Edition setting and click the Activate link.

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On this screen, you will be provided with your Google Account username and email address, which will be in the form "linkblue@g.uky.edu".

You will also be prompted to create a new password for your Google Apps account.

This password is separate from your link blue password and is in no way connected to your link blue account. Additionally, your Google Apps password will not have a set expiration date.

Once you enter in a valid, secure new password simply click "Submit Change" to activate your Google Apps account.


After submitting your password, you will be redirected back to your Account Manager Profile Settings page. A notification will be located at the top letting you know that your Google Apps account has been created and activated.

You will also be able to see your UK Google Apps Education Edition username and email address in the Email settings section.


Although employees can create UK-branded Gmail accounts through Google Apps for Education, these accounts may be used only for materials and information not covered by HIPAA, FERPA, PHI, or other similar regulations.

Because of these regulations, UK employees are highly encouraged to continue using UK-hosted systems, including Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, for university email and collaborative activities.

To ensure that all email goes to the your Exchange account, make sure your Email Delivery Location is set to "UK Local Exchange system."

If your email is being directed to another account:

  • Click the Change link beside Email Delivery Location
  • Select UK Local Exchange and click Submit Change.

The change will be immediately reflected in your Profile Settings.


Next, you will go to Google’s website, finish activating your account, and set up email forwarding to redirect any email sent to your g.uky.edu address back to your Exchange account (if desired).

Navigate to http://www.uky.edu/google.

Sign in with your Google username (@g.uky.edu is already added for you) and the Google Apps password you created in step 4.

Read the Google account terms, and click the “I accept. Continue to my account” button.

Your account is now fully active and ready to use!


If you do not plan to check your UK-branded gmail account regularly, you should redirect email from your g.uky.edu address back to your UK email address or other preferred personal account.

Forwarding instructions are available here.


859-218-HELP (859-218-4357) 218help@uky.edu