New Cluster FAQ

As of 11/8 our users may onto the new DLX cluster. Not all of the software from the old cluster has been reinstalled yet, but the sysadmin team will do that as they have time. Email any questions, issues, or problems to as usual, but PLEASE look at this New Cluster FAQ first ( Note that it may take quite some time before we can get an answer for you.


  • The Globus Online portal is not active on the new system yet.
  • Compilers are available on the login nodes, but not the compute nodes. Compile your code on a login node.
  • Gaussian 03 (G03) is not yet installed.
  • The CPUs have a power saving feature that throttles back the CPU speed when it thinks that's necessary. That has confused some of our software.
    Conflicting CPU frequency values detected
    Test integrity may be harmed

    That feature has been disabled, but each node most to be rebooted for this to take effect, and we are doing so in a 'rolling' fashion.

  • The manual files for the man command are not available yet.
  • You should recompile your code with the current compilers and libraries, unless you are using a package installed by the sysadmins.

Frequently Asked Questions about the New DLX Cluster

  1. 1. What software has been installed?
  2. 2. Why don't I see my userid under /home or /scratch?
  3. n. How do I XXXXX?

1. What software has been installed??

Use the command module avail to see what software modules have been loaded and are available for you to use. See the module doc for more information.

2. Why don't I see my userid under /home or /scratch?

When you logon to the DLX, your working directory will be your home directory (/home/jadoe1). Under your home directory you will find a link named scratch, which will take you to your scratch directory (cd scratch will take you to /scratch/jadoe1). However, if you connect directly to /home or /scratch, you may see only a few userids, possibly not including your own. This is because the filesystem auto-mounts these directories as they are needed. After a period of inactivity, it will dismount one. It's still there; all you have to do is connect to it.

n. How do I XXXXX?

Under Construction

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)