Epichloe Festucaë Genome Project

The purpose of this project is to study Epichloe Festucaë (a fungus that grows on Fescue grass). The two UK faculty members working on this project are Dr. Chris Schardl (Plant Pathology) and Dr. Jerzy Wl Jaromczyk (Computer Science) .

This initial grant period was two years. A large portion of the project, from a computing standpoint, is the prediction of protein domains. They quickly realized that with their current computing environment that their 2 year grant was going to need at least 3 years of computation. UK IT was contacted and it ended up that Xgrid was the best solution to solve their problem. A system by which they could place sequences to be processed in a database, have Xgrid jobs process the sequences, and place the output back into the database was developed. Using the Xgrid allowed the group to process tens of thousands of jobs per month with Blast and InterProScan.

The Epichloe Festucaë Genome Project is funded by Grant 2 P20 RR016481 04 from the National Center for Research Resources, Grant NRI 2005-35319-16141 from the USDA, and Grant EF-0523661 from the National Science Foundation

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