Enabling Your Research with National Computing Resources

Why National resources?

The University of Kentucky has excellent high performance computing (HPC) resources available, but we cannot provide everything. Once the almost exclusive domain of Physics and Chemistry, HPC has expanded its uses dramatically into Humanities, Visualization, Genomics, Pharmaceuticals, the list goes on and on. XSEDE: Extreme Science and Engineering Discover Environment Due to the large computing power needed to solve some of the most vexing problems in these diverse areas, the NSF has funded the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE). This investment is central to maintaining preeminence in scientific and research advancements in fields such as homeland security, climate change, health and safety, energy, sustainability, exploration, and industrial innovation and manufacturing. UK researchers are increasingly reliant on computational computing to make scientific advances, notably in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). By having access to and utilizing powerful national computing facilities, UK researchers will be able to achieve a deeper understanding of complex systems and processes through the application of modeling, simulation, and advanced data and visualization analysis.

Access for UK Researchers

Campus Champions The University of Kentucky supports the NSF Campus Champions program which provides on-campus consulting to assist UK researchers in accessing and submitting allocation requests to XSEDE. Through this program UK researchers can access some of the world's most powerful supercomputers, ensuring computational aspects of research remain competitive and productive. These resources are available for free and, in addition to researchers being able to run their own custom code, most of the well known major scientific codes are available through XSEDE resources.

What to do?

CCS: The Center for Computational SciencesTo get started, create your own sign-on account at www.xsede.org and contact the Center for Computational Sciences (CCS). They will then be able to quickly provide you with some startup time on your choice of national resource and provide you with more information. Also read What is XSEDE? (PDF) to learn more.

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