InCommon Certificate Manager FAQ's


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InCommon Certificate Manager passwords expire every 90 days.  If your password has expired, there is no recovery or reset option is available. Contact to request a temporary password.  The Certificate Manager will prompt you to reset the password once the user signs back in.

TIP: Change your Certificate Manager password at the same time you change your linkblue password, every 90 days. 

Domain Requests

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Users may only request Certificates for domains that are currently assigned to their department. Authorized domains may be viewed by selecting “Settings”, then “Domains” sub tab.  If you require an additional domain, contact

If a user tries to request a Certificate for a domain not assigned to their department, the Certificate Manager may display an error message. If an error message is displayed, a request to add the domain will be automatically be sent to If this occurs, please follow-up with an additional email to, requesting a new domain be added to the applicable department. 

External Domains

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External domains including: .com, .net, etc., outside may be added, but require additional steps. The WHOIS information for the domain must include UK as the registrant prior to starting the addition process.  External domains must be revalidated annually. To renew, the domain registrant will receive an email from InCommon with instructions on how to validate the domain. 


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ITS Security supports access to the Certificate Manager, Comodo supports the certificate process.  Contact for or assistance with access, domains, and general information. For information and support with certificates visit Comodo.

Certificate Manager Web Site Maintenance Schedule

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Comodo conducts routine website maintenance on Saturday evenings, during these times the Certificate Manager will be unavailable.

Installing Certs

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Comodo provides information for installing certificates on many different platforms here.

Click here for installing Certs on IIS 7x information and examples.

Please be sure to install the root and intermediate certificates available here


Code Signing

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Code signing certificates can be cumbersome. They require an email address in the domain the certificate is being requested for. Contact for assistance and more information.

Backup DRAO for your Department

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A backup contact may be added for each department as the DRAO (Department Registration Authority Officer). Contact to add the contact. 

Vacating the DRAO Position

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If you are vacating your duties as the DRAO, or know of someone that is no longer in that position, contact to updated.