Keeping Current Seminar


The College of Engineering's monthly Keeping Current Seminar series will feature UKIT’s Cody Bumgardner on Wednesday, October 10 at 4pm. The 1-hour event will be held in the Hardymon Theater, Marksbury Auditorium. Bumgardner’s presentation, “Understanding Platform As A Service (PaaS),” will include a brief overview of cloud computing before focusing on the emergence of PaaS.

PaaS is a category of cloud computing focused on abstracting the application platform, including data communication, execution from the underlying operating system, and hardware. The economics around PaaS and cloud computing as a whole will also be discussed, highlighting many commonly held, yet false, assumptions. Finally, the presentation will address possible future states including the role of Software Defined Networking (SDN) in PaaS operation.

Come early (around 3:45pm) to enjoy snacks and conversation before the seminar!

Information about the Keeping Current Seminars series is available at

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