Computer Lab Space Transforms into Media Depot


Efforts began in November 2012 to transform the computer lab space in The Hub at W.T. Young, into a Media Depot. UKIT is creating a student digital media space with the support of the Student Fee Committee to provide online support, recording equipment, editing stations with software, and technical support for students’ development of their academic media projects.

The end of November saw equipment for four recording rooms, plus a larger recording room (similar to a mini studio) arrive. For Spring 2013, recording rooms will open, editing machines will be arranged in pods for group work and an orientation station will be staffed with “media experts” to assist students with projects. By Spring Break the current “laptop lounge,” located behind the help desk in the Cisco Student Lab, will be transformed into a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) area to host collaborative activities for screening projects and presentations.

“Exciting transformations are occurring in The Hub that will be beneficial for all UK students,” Patsy Carruthers, UKIT Senior Manager recently stated. “ Core classes and major specific courses are requiring students to complete media related projects and the Media Depot will provide a variety of media equipment for both individual and group assignments.”

UKIT is pleased to partner with UK Libraries and the QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan: Presentation U) as it restructures the space. Questions about the project may be directed to Peggy Akridge. UKIT will continue to share updates as additional changes for the media/presentation space are undertaken in the Spring.

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