Desktop Virtualization Update

POSTED: JUNE 25, 2012

The Desktop Virtualization project is in full production mode. Over 1,600 users (600 unique IDs) were recorded in April 2012 as the semester ended. The UK Young Library deployed a virtual desktop for its first floor public computers and the computers in the Hub. They plan to deploy the virtual desktop and virtual applications for access to library resources on all public computers in all libraries across campus in the upcoming months.

UKIT continues to work on virtualizing applications in Phase II of the project. The SAS statistical software and myUK (including SAPGUI) applications have been virtualized. Eventually, the lab software that can be virtualized will be presented as a virtual application, as this is a more efficient and effective way for students to access the required software.

For additional information and resources on the virtual desktop, visit To visit the virtual images (desktop and application) visit:

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)