Digital Textbook Pilots Continue


This fall, Academic Technologies, CELT, and the UK Libraries will continue their joint exploration of the impact of digital textbooks on teaching and learning through an expansion of the Internet2/EDUCAUSE Net+ e-Content pilot.

UK's Courseload pilot continues for a third semester with eight new instructors and 430 students in six courses. Participants will receive instructor-enhanced digital versions of their course textbooks through Courseload's collaborative browser-based ereader platform. UK is also joining Courseload's Early Adopter Program to provide pilot students with advance access to Courseload's new mobile apps and an improved mobile reading experience on iOS and Android tablets.

New this fall, a second pilot is underway focusing on the integration of digital textbooks and personalized adaptive learning systems. Students enrolled in the five participating courses will receive etextbooks and adaptive learning modules delivered through McGraw-Hill's browser-based Connect platform. The software is designed to reinforce concepts presented in course readings and help students study more effectively by identifying and targeting the specific concepts or content that each student needs to focus on most.

Both pilots are running concurrently on multiple higher ed campuses and have research components designed to gather data about the effects of etextbooks and adaptive learning software on participants' educational experiences and outcomes. Funding for UK's pilot was generously provided by the Office of the Provost. For more information about the e-Content initiative, visit

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