Distributing Video Modules is as Easy as clickblue

POSTED: APRIL 30, 2012

University of Kentucky Information Technology (UKIT) has launched "clickblue," a new video learning module delivery system complete with credit card authorization and links to other learning materials.

Features of clickblue include:

Click-to-purchase video selection
Credit card authorization
Instant enrollment
Video delivery and the option of a learning management system tie-in
Content developers produce the video and other materials and retain the rights to their own content.

A collaboration with the College of Pharmacy has produced a beta test of clickblue that included 60 participants. The participants have courses with multiple video modules and ancillary materials provided via a learning management system. According to a January survey, participants found clickblue "easy to access, easy to navigate." The clickBlue team is working to develop an updated consumer interface and administrative tools in preparation for an April 1, 2012, launch of new Pharmacy courses.

UKIT is seeking partnerships with other UK colleges and departments to enhance and expand the use of clickblue. For more information, visit http://www.uky.edu/ukat/about/clickblue or contact Patsy Carruthers at pcarr3@uky.edu.

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