Email Limits Set for UK Employees to Limit Spam


Recent hijacking of campus employee email accounts have led to email spam of over 10,000 addresses per hour.  This deluge of spam damages the University's reputation and causes specific sites to reject all mail from Therefore, as of July 1, 2013, University of Kentucky Exchange users are limited to sending email to 250 recipients in a 24 hour period.

Email recipients are calculated differently for individual email addresses versus distribution lists. When an email is sent to ten email addresses and another email is sent to twenty, a total of thirty recipients have been emailed (even if some recipients were sent both emails). However an Exchange Distribution List with 10-250 email addresses only counts as one recipient. UK employees will receive an error message similar to the below messages when the email recipient limit is exceeded:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

          Subject:    UK in the News for 7-10-13

          Sent: 7/10/2013 3:31 PM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

      Smith, John on 7/10/2013 3:31 PM

            This message could not be sent. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator.  Error is [0x80004005-00000000-00000000].


This message wasn't delivered to anyone because there are too many recipients. The limit is 200. This message has 234 recipients.

Reports indicate only a small number of UK employees email more than 250 recipients per day.  These employees can request a higher limit of 1000 recipients per day.  If an employee needs to email more than 1000 addresses per day a Listserv or mailing service should be considered, but immediate needs to email a large number of recipients can also be requested.  These requests should be submitted to the Service Desk at or 859-218-HELP (859-218-4357). 

Additional information and UK email FAQs are available

To report spam abuse, forward the spam message, as an attachment, to

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)