ITS Phishing Alert | Payment from UKY Treasurer's Office

October 13, 2021

Information Technology Services (ITS) would like to inform customers of a phishing attack that was sent impersonating a payment confirmation. This email may have appeared to be from a reliable company. This phishing scam attempts to get you to click a malicious link. Example:

When opening unfamiliar emails, is important to remember not to provide information, click on links or attachments in emails that are unexpected and/or from unfamiliar people, and never send money or gift cards without verifying the recipient.

How to detect a potential scam:

  • Poor syntax and/or grammar
  • An unspecified sender
  • Links that ask you to click onto a address for “secure verification”
  • A fake reply address e.g.,,, etc
  • Job offers that ask for payment up front

If you receive one of these or similar phishing emails, please report the message in directly from your inbox. For more information on how to Report a Message, visit How do I report spam and phishing emails?.

If you believe you have become compromised from this email, please visit What should I do if I've fallen victim to a spam or phishing attack?

We appreciate your assistance as we work together to curtail the spread of phishing communications, please visit for more educational materials regarding phishing.

For 24/7 immediate assistance, please contact ITS Customer Services at 859-218-HELP (4357). Or for assistance with non-urgent matters, email