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Media Depot Club Hosts UK Student Film Festival

December 06, 2017

On December 1st, Information Technology Services (ITS), the College of Arts & Sciences, and the Media Depot Club co-hosted the 5th UK Student Film Festival, featuring seven short films. A panel of judges comprised of industry experts and UK faculty and staff evaluated each film on overall impression, directing, camera work, lighting, editing, story/theme, actors’ performance, music, sound design and effects, and production value. Additionally, audience votes were factored into the competition. 
The seven films were: 
4 03, submitted by Samantha Martin 
Consumed, submitted by Elizabeth Tipton 
Skitter Brained, submitted by Joe Whalen 
Introspection, submitted by Ali Deane 
Hunt the Wolf, submitted by Gates Sweeney 
Exposure, submitted by Sawyer Holcomb 
Praestos Obscure Sorrows, submitted by Bailey Schultz 
Consumed won the Audience Choice Award. This short film follows a detective who tries to solve the murder of a student who died after eating poisoned pizza. 
Hunt the Wolf won the Judges' Choice Award. Hunt the Wolf tells the story of a man living in a post-apocalyptic world and chronicles his quest to find the man who killed his daughter. 
Skitter Brained won an honorable mention from Media Depot Club sponsor, Kirk Laird. This short film depicts an aspiring writer and his quirky idea for a new skit.  
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