Supercomputer Migration Timeframe


The migration to the new High Performance Computer will continue in October. UKIT system administrators now have access to the Phase I hardware, including the storage. They have started installing software, including the applications needed for verification runs.

A shutdown of the old cluster is scheduled for Monday, October 15, 2012. The XDH A/C units will also be moved that day. The new cluster will be powered up and Dell will finish its testing during the week of October 8, while UK system administrators continue installing software and testing. UK and Dell will then finish the verification tests and the HPL (Top500) test.

As soon as possible, during the week of October 22, 2012, users will receive access to the system.

Remember, the scratch file system on the DLX will NOT BE MIGRATED to the new cluster! If there is
anything currently in scratch that may be needed, copy it somewhere else ASAP. Once the Panasas disk
system is turned off and shipped to Dell, IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO RECOVER ANY FILES THAT WERE

The DLX home file system will be migrated to the new cluster. Home is backed up regularly. There
is no need to do anything special for the files in your home directory.

Information about the new cluster is available at

The migration schedule (always tentative) is provided below:

Week 6, Oct 8-12:
Phase I complete. UK sysadms installing SW and testing; Dell bringing up
computer racks one at a time.

Week 7, Oct 15-19:
Power down most of old cluster, move XDH, power up new cluster
DDN starts copy of home / share
UK sysadms continue installing SW and testing
Dell begins validation testing

Week 8, Oct 22-26:
Provide users with access to new HPC.

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