Transitioning from Public to Private IP Addresses

POSTED: JUNE 25, 2012

As the University of Kentucky’s networks grow at a rapid rate, the university is quickly running into scalability and security issues with devices being on public IP addresses. To solve this problem, UKIT will migrate as many devices as possible off the public IP address ranges.

Such migration entails changing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) policy to offer private IP addresses for all dynamically granted real IP addresses. The individual device should not see any changes while it is being used on the UK campus. If a user is trying to connect to a UK device from home and the UK device has changed from a public to a private IP address, a VPN connection will be necessary. The VPN client is available by searching for VPN at

The transition will begin on June 22, 2012 and is tentatively scheduled to be complete on or around June 30, 2012. If users experience problems during this transition, they shoulc call their local IT staff or the UKIT Service Desk at (859)218-4357 for assistance.

If you have questions about the change prior to June 22, email or Additional information and steps to find a computer’s IP address are available at

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)