IT Notification | Intermittent Exchange Online Issues

Microsoft is currently experiencing an intermittent outage across their customer base, including the University of Kentucky (UK). Customers may be unable to send or receive email messages through the Exchange Online service.

This intermittent outage in Exchange online appears to be affecting any emails routed through multiple gateways, including but not limited to, scan to email and server notifications.
Microsoft is currently working to resolve the issue. Information Technology Services (ITS) will post updates as they become available on Twitter at You do not need a Twitter account to view this page.

Networking & Infrastructure

The Division of Networking & Infrastructure within University of Kentucky Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for all wired networking, wireless networking, and voice communications for the entire enterprise.

Network Operations

The Network Operations team supports wired and wireless network operations comprising management and deployment of physical, virtual, and logical networks across the University.  This includes internet services along with wired and wireless network access. This team maintains visibility and support functions through the Joint Services Operations Center (JSOC).  The Network Operations Team is also responsible for IP address management (IPAM), domain name services (DNS), cybersecurity device management & virtual private networking devices (VPN).  Information Technology Services (ITS) emphasizes security, stability, and performance to deliver network services with the University’s student, patient, and business needs in mind. 

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Networking Engineering

The Network Engineering team ensures the design and construction of the network to meet the business needs of the enterprise while also considering technical considerations like security, scalability, resiliency, and redundancy. This team creates design and implementation plans for wired and wireless access to the local area network (LAN), expansion of LAN services through the wide area network (WAN), and shared access to public and partner resources through the Internet edge and remote access tiers of the network. The Network Engineering team’s goal is to create a network that positively impacts the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and community-- enabling them to achieve their own measures of success. By staying current in the design and implementation of modern-day technologies like routing, switching, and firewalling, they also remain well-versed in emerging technologies like software defined networking (SDN), next-generation firewalling, and virtual networking. This team looks for ways to streamline implementation of new technologies and integration emergent technologies.

Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure Operations comprises technician teams handling incident resolution and service requests involving fiber optic cable, copper cable plant, network data access, and other physical voice and data infrastructure throughout campus and HealthCare. The Infrastructure Operations Team also provides voice and video communications in the form of IP telephony and standards-based IP video. This comprises over 20,000 phones and the subsystems that support these devices including enhanced 911, voicemail, contact center operations (agent-based calls), auto attendant systems, videoconferencing, emergent/non-emergent paging systems, and other adjunct systems.

Infrastructure Projects

The Infrastructure Projects team engages with the campus community to collaborate on network and telephone solutions. A key focus is the delivery of network resources for new construction, building renovations, upgrades and equipment lifecycle refreshes. This includes sizing and installation of switch equipment, wired data ports, wireless access points, cabling pathways, and phone hardware.