Jim Owens
Jim Owens

July 04, 2018

ITS Division: Networking & Infrastructure

Service Area: Network Operations

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

We install, support, and maintain network infrastructure for campus and UK HealthCare including routing, switching, and firewalls.

What campus units do you collaborate with?

I often am collaborating with the Systems Operations team, as well as HealthCare Security, to help them create firewall rules and implementation for their various systems and applications. We work together to troubleshooting various issues with firewall rules and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

What are your workplace values?

I am very detail oriented and like to be thorough in my work. Mostly, I value customer service-- showing compassion and patience for our customers. I really like trying to dig deep to solve their problems. Lastly, I value making choices that further the advancement of the University.

What is your favorite part of working in ITS and UK?

My favorite part is the people with whom I get to work. We get along really well, and everyone brings something different to the table—expertise and experience. I get to learn a lot from my colleagues.