Victoria Banks
Victoria Banks

June 13, 2018

ITS Division: Enterprise Systems

Service Area: Systems Operations

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

My team provides infrastructure services & virtualization environments to campus and colleges. Departments or colleges who need servers will request a virtual machine (VMware) instead of buying a physical one. We offer support for those machines as well. If anyone on campus has an issue with their VM or application, I try to help them fix it, even if that means reaching out to the vendors to help get them the solution they need.

What campus units do you collaborate with?

We work with all of ITS, the UK Police Department and many other departments & colleges around campus.

What are your workplace values?

Our purpose is to service our customers—they should come first. When a customer contacts me with a problem, I will do my very best to solve it. If I can’t I will get them someone who can. I don’t like to say no to our customers.

What is your favorite part of working in ITS and UK?

I’ve been at UK in ITS for 37 years. The best part is I am able to keep learning & work with my great team members as well as other departments. I find it really rewarding to help those in need of technical solutions on campus.