People of ITS

Stephen Burr Photo
Stephen Burr

April 19, 2017

ITS Division: Enterprise Systems, IT Security & Policy

Service Area: Cloud Operations, Systems Operations, Data Center, ERP Security & Support, Enterprise Security, and Directories, Messaging, & Collaboration

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Amy Good Photo
Amy Good

April 12, 2017

ITS Division: Administration, Finance & Project Management

Service Area: Finance & Inventory

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Darren Powers Photo
Darren Powers

April 05, 2017

ITS Division: Customer Support & Student IT Enablement

Service Area: Customer Services

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Kelly Cruse Photo
Kelley Cruse

March 29, 2017

ITS Division: Academic Technologies & Faculty Engagement

Service Area: Learning Management

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Scott Sisler Photo
Scott Sisler

March 22, 2017

ITS Division: Office of the CIO

Service Area: Infrastructure Project Management & Estimation

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Jackie Denault Photo
Jackie Denault

March 15, 2017

ITS Division: Networking & Infrastructure

Service Area: Wireless Network Operations

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Tom Dolan Photo
Tom Dolan

March 08, 2017

ITS Division: Academic Technologies and Faculty Engagement

Service Area: Academic Multimedia

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Kathryn Wong Photo
Kathryn Wong

March 01, 2017

ITS Division: Office of the CIO

Service Area: Office of Communications & Strategic Planning

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