What defines a project?

  • Clear start and end date
  • Identifies clear objective(s)

  • Separate from operational / maintenance activities

  • Must have a sponsor & a PM

  • Must have a charter & a breakdown of work (deliverables)


How do I ensure my time entries are complete for the month (what is a work month in IPMS)?
IPMS calculates the number of business days (M-F) in the current month multiplied by the staff member’s target hours per day (ex. 20 days * 8 hrs/day = 160 target hours for the month). Weekend hours logged will offset any missed business days in the month.

How long is the time entry description field in the TimeTracker application?
The description field is 80 characters in length.

How should I enter my time in time tracker for attending the UKIT Leadership Development Program?
A project entitled CIO-LDP (1,2,3) has been established for you to use to record your time for attending the meeting as well as preparing for session (reading, bios, etc).

If I manage other people, how can I run a report that gives me their time entry information?
From the IPMS main screen, click File => Print Report => Time Log Report. Leave the “Staff” field blank.

How can I add an object type in IPMS?
Object types can only be added by the PMO. Please contact us for additional information.

Can I modify the time records in time tracker for somebody else?
IPMS security is set up so that you can only adjust your own time entries.

Do research projects require estimated hours for each task?
Yes! The only project type that does not require estimated hours are maintenance projects.

How do I enter a floating holiday in time tracker?
A floating holiday can be entered using the “Absence” project under task #62 (Holiday - Special Floating Holiday).

Where do I record time spent creating and maintaining projects?
If you are the PM or Tech Lead on a project, task #0 (project plan creation and maintenance) can be used for the following activities: developing a project plan, entering the plan into IPMS, managing tasks/staff/objects/etc…

What is an easy way to check on the health of my project?
To run the report, just follow these steps:

  • Go to https://myuk.uky.edu
  • Login using your Link Blue credentials
  • Click on Document List
  • Expand Public Folders
  • Click on IPMS - Mgrs, PMs, Tech Leads
  • Double-click on IPMS: Project Health Indicators
  • Click on Run Query
  • There are two reports to view:
    • VK Stats (1st Report Tab) – Highlights areas of concern regarding the “health” of your project
    • Over Due Task % (2nd Report Tab) – Highlights overdue tasks on your project

For further info, visit the PMO section of this document.


What are the attributes of a healthy project?
For an in-depth answer, please refer to this document.

How do I close a project?
For an in-depth answer, please refer to this document.

What is the maximum number of hours per task?
The task sizes in IPMS are now limited to a maximum of 30 estimated hours, and overall they should be closer to 8-12 hours. In order to help the PM’s and TL’s towards breaking down oversized tasks, the PMO staff has edited each project, by dividing tasks over 30 hours into multiple tasks to meet the 30 hour maximum requirement. For instance, a task called, “Design Widget” with an estimated 90 hours, would become 3 separate tasks for 30 hours each called “Design Widget (1)” , “Design Widget (2)” and “Design Widget (3)”.

Is there an easy way to export all the tasks and milestones for my project to excel?
Please refer to the PMO section of this document.

Where can I find more information about project milestones?
Please refer to the PMO section of this document.

My project is going to be discussed at the next Project Review Meeting. Which report will be reviewed there?
Please refer to this document

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