Secure Blue

Keep a Lock on Your Identity!

  • Create strong passwords
  • Limit use of public Wi-Fi
  • Limit use of public computers
  • Limit what you share
  • Shred outdated documents
  • Review your credit report

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Defense Playbook Against Phishing Emails

Put your guard up!  Phishing emails could contain: 

  • Suspicious links or fake email addresses
  • Generic greetings
  • Emails written in poor grammar with misspelled words
  • A sense of urgency and threats
  • Asking for passwords & other credentials

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5 steps for protecting your devices and personal information!

  • Password protect your devices
  • Secure devices & backup data
  • Verify app permissions
  • Update operating systems
  • Be cautious of public Wi-Fi hot spots

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Copyright Compliance

It's Not Rocket Science. Don't Steal Digital Content!

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