County Reports

Watershed Watch County Summary Reports

A County Report serves as an informational and recruitment tool for Watershed Watch members to use in their communities.  It provides a summary of basic information about Watershed Watch sampling in the county and suggestions for action items to improve water quality.

The following are links to recently completed County Summary Reports, intended to be used as educational and sampler recruiting tools.  If you have an interest in developing a county report with the assistance of the KRWW Board, please contact us for help!

Boyle County KRWW Summary Report

Estill County KRWW Summary Report

Franklin County KRWW Summary Report

Jessamine County KRWW Summary Report

Madison County KRWW Summary Report

Mercer County KRWW Summary Report

Perry County KRWW Summary Report

Powell County KRWW Summary Report

General Format of County Reports

Page 1:
Watershed Watch Header/County Name

Short summary of county sampling history, # of sampling sites, sampling locations
GIS map of county with HUC11 Watersheds, Active and Inactive Sites, Towns/Cities
Photos of county streams
Paragraph about Watershed Watch Mission, link to website

Page 2:
Paragraph intro to sampling parameters and findings
Summary table of sampling results for major parameters of concern in the county, grouped by watershed, color-coded in green/yellow/red for good/fair/poor
Explanation of parameters of concern, effects to water quality, associated water quality standards

Page 3:
Suggested management activities to address general and county-specific water quality issues, grouped by pollutant category

Page 4:
Local contacts for further information or assistance (county health dept., NRCS, SCD, DOW, F&W, DEP Regional Office)
Local watershed success story, if available.